My Father

23 Feb


I drew this at Two Boots in Brooklyn of my father because I was mainly bored. I guess I draw good when I’m bored. This is for my father.

Map of Lethr Kancer

2 Apr

The land of Lethr Kancer is a place that anchors a lot of monsters.  It is a place I made up, nothing is real.  It anchors giant Tree Archers, lots of armies, Minotaurs, Elfs (Elves), Dwarves, acid, and land dwellers.  The land dweller are Hoppys, Werewolves, Giant Wasps, Norses (horses with the heads of lions), a Tusk Pig (which has giant tusks), Fangs, and Fangys.  Those are the ground dwellers.

Map of the land of Lethr Kancer

Giant Tree Archers can be found in the Forest of Celo, which is in the Southeast on this map.  The trees are shaped perfectly like arrow heads.  The Tree Archers stand on giant tree stumps and shoot arrows.  Their arrows are the arrow head trees of theforest.  They shoot at anything that betrays them.  Celo, the King of the Giant Arrow-Shooters, has lots of guards, especially his brother.  They are my friends.

The people actually live in the land.  They don’t get very far because there’s a lot of mythical creatures.  The people are mainly gatekeepers.

My palace is in the Northeast, and it’s called Our Palace because me and Vaughn live there.  He is my friend.  My palace has over 500 Elfs.  The Elfs are my guards.  The Elfs come from the Nice Elf Land, which is in the West.

The Minotaurs are starting to attack villages of armies, the Forest of Celo, the pit to the underworld (where you go to die), the Nice Elf Land (which is my land), the Gate to Nios, the Gate to Avantia, and the Swamp of Tora.  They are attacking because they want to rule all the land.  They have been attacking for all the time that they have been ruling their piece of land (Minotaur Land, in the SouthWest).  They have been only happening (the attacks) during the night.  They are mostly losing.

The Acid Lake and the Acid River are painful to swim in because they are filled with poison by the Minotaurs.

Your mission is to stop them.

Next time:  I’ll tell the story of of the Great Snowstorm Mountain and the Snow Desert of Helmantra.

Noel’s Map of Eragon

27 Mar

This is a map based on the story Eragon, by Christopher Paolini.  The “spine” is from Eragon.  So is the Haddrac Desert and the Anora River.  I made up most of the cities.  I made up the small countries underneath, the big forest.  I sort of made up Octopus Island – I made up the name.  I didn’t make up the capital or the shape of Octopus Island.

For this map, here’s the story.  One thousand years ago Urgals and Dwarfs kept on fighting for the islands.  So they both made capitals.  But they didn’t know which capital to obey.  They were trying to see which one was better.  Then the Elves came and took over the lands of the Urgals and Dwarfs.  The Urgals and Dwarfs spread across the land.  They attacked anything they saw, because they so mad at the Elves.

The Elves made a capital for the Elves.  The Elves made an island near the sea.  Dragons flew by and ate the Elves every week.  So the Elves moved into the land.  And when you see an Urgal, a Dwarf, and an Elf, stand back.  Don’t fight.  Run away.

I make maps because they’re fun to make.  I like maps.  A lot.  That’s really why I draw maps.  If you want to make a map, think of something that you’ve seen lately.  Then draw the map.

I found a Lego spoof of Eragon on Youtube.  I am not the only person making up new stuff from Eragon!

Super Hurry, No. 2

13 Mar

Super Hurry Escapes!

In the last episode, Super Hurry went to jail for not saving the guy.  Super Hurry couldn’t save the guy because he had to read the dictionary.  We don’t know why he had to read the dictionary.  Now Super Hurry is in jail and he is thinking, when he sees a snake … “Say what?” says Super Hurry.

“I can help,” the snake says.  So the snake eats the lock and tells Super Hurry to get down on his knees, when Super Hurry is on his knees.  “I am,” says Super Hurry.  Then Super Hurry asks, “So how do we get out of here?”

“I don’t know,” says the snake.

Then they go on the road, and Super Hurry’s wife tries to catch them.  The end of Book 2.

In the next episode Super Hurry runs into a shark . . .

Mythical Animals

10 Mar

These are pictures of animals that I drew.  I drew them from an animal drawing kit.  These are animals that may be real.


The Krampry Weasel

The krampry weasel lives underground in Prospect Park.  That is in Brooklyn.  New York City.  New York.  U.S.A.  Krampry Weasels are not really real.  To pronounce it, the first “r” is silent.  So it sounds like “Kampry.”

A Collection of Animals

Some of these animals are not real.  The Red Fox is real.  The Orange Cheetah eats buffalo.  The Tomakea Giraffe is 120 feet tall.  The Regmoster Meerkat digs 2000 meters underground.  All of these animals are friendly to people.  They all live in the desert except for the Red Fox.  The Red Fox lives in the forest.

Yu-gi-oh Cards, Batch 2

5 Mar

This is the second batch of Yu-gi-oh cards that I made.  I started to make my own Yu-gi-oh cards because I was really into Yu-gi-oh at that time.  I think of ones to make up by looking at real Yu-gi-oh monsters, but you cannot find these in a normal Yu-gi-oh deck.  Like there was a wolf guy who inspired me to make Fire Wolf.

Firewolf, the blazing wolf monster


The Firewolf has blazing teeth, a flaming tail, and the most sharpest, finest fire-claws.  It can rip through a rabbit in seconds.  A Yu-gi-oh rabbit, that is.

Power-Up gives you three new monsters.


You would have the Power-Up card in your deck. You can use it only once to take three new monsters from your deck. Then you sacrifice the Power-Up card by putting it in the graveyard pile.

Stone Dragon was carved out of stone.

Stone Dragon

Stone Dragon was carved out of stone by early citizens of Cheese.  Stone Dragon used to protect the Cheeseheads from bad luck.  Stone Dragon comes to life every 20 years.  This year was one of the twentieth years, and so the Cheeseheads won the Super Bowl.  You should not play the Stone Dragon on rock formation types.

Light Dragon

Light Dragon

The Light Dragon shoots light beams that can blind you easily.  The Org civilization used Light Dragons to protect their families from bad spirits.  The bad spirit of sickness spread out fifty times during one year.  Some of the Light Dragons got sick and died, and some didn’t.  The Org almost died out, but the whole Cheesehead civilization died out and then the next year they came back.  That was one of the most early blasts.

Human gestures

5 Mar

I made this piece at the Brooklyn Museum of Art with my first grade class.  I forgot when we did this, but I’m in the third grade now. 

Human gesture No. 1 is a person like, “Tah-daa!, I’m done!” 

Human gesture No. 2 is making a symmetrical shape.

Human gesture No. 3 is walking.

Human gesture No. 4 is falling.

Pastels of human gestures made at the Brooklyn Museum of Art on field trip in first grade.

Human Gestures, Nos. 1-4

Super Hurry, No. 1

5 Mar

Have No Worry, It’s Super Hurry!

This is the first ever Super Hurry comic book.  Noel made it up in August of 2010.  Super Hurry is always late, because he always has to do something before saving people at the wrong time.  He goes to jail because the person died while he was reading the dictionary.  There will many other books of Super Hurry’s adventures.